REAL WORLD  (2007)

01. Black Venus
02. The Looking-Glass Song
03. Six Miles Deep
04. Between A Heaven And A Hell
05. So Glad I Did
06. Blind Jesus
07. Numb Inside
08. Rainy Sunday Morning
09. Out Of The Sky
10. If You Go Away
11. Faithless
12. Vivi The Flea
13. The Train Song
14. Real World



Music: Traditional / Lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt

The light of love is shining in your eyes
You can’t deceive, I see through your disguise
I feel, I bleed and I wait for you
To say you don’t need me anymore

Don’t turn away
I need to feel your touch
Like a flower needs the sun
To keep from dying
Give me something to believe
A kiss or a dagger or a tear

How can you deny all that you feel
And give yourself to those who only steal
You kill my heart with those cruel games you play
I want you, I’ll love you endlessly

Don’t hush your lips
I need to hear you call my name
Like a whisper on the wind
Take this heart
That beats for only you
And crush it like a slave beneath your heel

Don’t walk away
If I lose you now, my dear
How can I go on living
Should I take this dagger to my vein
Or kill you and set my spirit free


Music and Lyrics: Bruno Adams

The ocean bursts
Upon the rocks
And makes its wayward
Journey up
To float across the sky
And fall once more

Looking out
From the darkened past
To the other side
Of the looking glass
And tell me honey
Who do you see there?
Like you

Don’t your life
All seem the same
In the arms of limbo
Wrapped numb
In its train

The icy water
Comes rushing in
And surrounds your broken
And battered skin
Three barnacle-ridden skeletons
Singing to the waves
Above our head

From book to book
Day to day
These strange visions
Drift by your way
Like a thunder storm
To a ship without a crew
Like you

Don’t your life
All seem the same
In the arms of limbo
Wrapped numb
In its train

You com’on home
With your fine gifts
And make a rainbow
In a tightened fist

You float away
To fall once more



Music and Lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt

Seven nights and seven days
Since my baby went away
Now I’m sitting in the ruins of a broken world
All those poisoned words I said
Must be some demon in my head
Oh honey, won’t you come back one more time?

I hear those footsteps walking outside my door
I feel disconnected, I’m sick inside
Ain’t got no future, just a twisted sense of pride

I’ve seen the sun rise in Berlin
I’ve been to Paris in the spring
And I ain’t gonna play that way no more
Life ain’t easy, life is tough
I drink that whiskey and shoot that stuff
I’m getting by, but this ain’t rock & roll

Every day I just sit here in my room
Dead in the water, caught in a spin
There ain’t no cure for the state of mind I’m in

I’m feeling empty, I‘m cold inside
But I ain’t thinking of suicide
I’m just sitting here doing time
My hands are shaking, I got the fear
The demon whispers in my ear
I need protection, nothing feels right at all

I get so lonesome living here by myself
Feel like a killer, feel like a fool
I’m just a shadow of that ghost walking in my shoes



Music and Lyrics: Bruno Adams

Between a heaven and a hell
Here I am
With the angels and the devils
Dancing hand in hand

It’s mighty pretty
A little lonesome
A little bit sad

To see them fighting
Tooth and nail
To have

You can laugh or you can cry
It’s the same
Love lives on
Both sides of pain

So if you want me
Here I am
But don’t mistake me for your vision
Know who I am

Something shining
That’s a part of me

Something cruel
And unforgiving
I never wanted to be

You can laugh or you can cry
It’s the same
Love lives spans
Both sides of pain

Like the big bang
Here I am
In the land of the living
And glad I am



Music and Lyrics: Bruno Adams

Like stepping into the warmth of day
Like slipping into dream
Like diving from the crumbling cliff
Into a living sea
Like a giant leap upon the distant moon
Before a shining blue rising Earth
I fell in love with you
And I'm so glad I did
I'm so glad I did

Like the man in a barrel
Going over Niagara Falls
Like the space walker with his life line baby
Lets go but doesn’t fall
Like the man shot from a cannon
In a world record bid
I fell in love with you
And I'm so glad I did
I'm so glad I did

Like the planets in their orbit
Like the wind, the rain and the sun
Like those things that are simply meant to be undone
Like the armistice, the pardon, your smiling face
I fell in love with you
And I'm so glad I did

I'm so glad I did
I'm so glad I did



Music and Lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt

Blind Jesus was down on the corner
A white cane in his hand
The mountains of the moon shining in his eyes
Looking for the Promised Land
Along came old Ebeneezer
In a beat up cadillac
He said, “Hey Jim, we’re leaving home
And we ain’t never coming back“

He took Blind Jesus by the hand
And led him to the Miracle Mile
And while the angels wept, Ebeneezer slept
And Jesus he began to smile
The children they all came running
And the women they gathered round
Cos when Jesus sang, the church bells rang
Man, it was a beautiful sound

Down in the square by the market
Stood a man with a big cigar
He joined the crowd and gasped out loud
When Jesus played guitar
He watched those lightning fingers
Dollar signs in his eyes
And when Jesus sang the cash bells rang
He stood there hypnotised

He took Ebeneezer by the arm
And led him to the nearest bar
He said, “Name your price
I’m gonna treat your boy nice
I’m gonna make him a star“
A moment’s hesitation
Then Ebeneezer shook his hand
He said, “A deal’s a deal
I need a set of new wheels
I can see you’re The Man“

Well Jesus he went travelling
All across the land
From honky-tonk bars to the Street of Stars
Playing with a rock & roll band
All the people came to see him
It was a wonder to behold
The sick and the lame, he cured their pain
Chased the evil from their souls

Fame and riches came and went
Wine and women too
The angels cried and hid their eyes
Said, “Jesus, you’re untrue!“
But all those lost believers
They followed him to the end
And when Jesus died the women testified
From Delaware to Bethlehem



Music and Lyrics: Bruno Adams

I look out of our window
And see the night dissolve
As you lie among the sheets of disarray
And cry for all that shall never be resolved

I imagine I feel like my father did
All those years ago
I said I’d never be like him
But I guess that’s just how it goes
And all I feel is numb inside

I wander through the autumn leaves
And think of how it could have been
I see a girl who looks just like you
And think of how it would be
If I didn’t feel so numb inside

All those loving things I said I meant
I tried so hard to keep it all aglow
They turned into these empty words I speak
But will never know
And all I know is numb inside

I look out of my window
And see the clouds and land below
On my way to someone somewhere else
I drink a toast to where the future blows
To help me feel
Numb inside



Music and Lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt

A rainy Sunday morning
Church bells are ringing
They pull me from some twisted dream
Of the night before
I feel so low-down
My head is spinning
I’ve got to change my stupid life
I can’t do this anymore

I could sail a ship across the ocean
I could take a plane across the sky

And free myself from yesterday
I don’t read those pages anymore
I don’t need those cold and empty feelings
Poisoning my soul
And all the friends I left behind
Love is a faded memory
It slips away between my fingers
There’s nothing left to hold

But if this life is just an illusion
Then there’s nothing there for me to fear

I walked out this morning
The city streets were shining
Some crystal vision filled my soul
And then it slipped away
And all those words I said
Well, I was only dreaming
Now she’s so far from me
And I’ve lost my way

I’m gonna sail right down that river
And let this pain just disappear



Music and Lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt

Love is a river
That flows to the sea
And it closes the distance
Between you and me
Stars keep on falling
Right out of the sky
This love’s forever
Until we die

Oh my darling
I’m so deep inside you
And when you walk away
I walk beside you

We live together
I see you each day
You are my lover
I guess I like it this way
Eyes like an ocean
Deep blue and wide
I’m gonna sail on this ocean
Till the day that I die

And when we touch
A shock goes right through me
And when we kiss
Oh, it moves me

And the river it whispers
Between you and me
And this river keeps rolling
All the way to the sea
And the sky keeps on turning
And the stars up above
Are falling like diamonds
From a velvet glove

Oh my darling
You’re so deep inside me
And when I walk away
You walk beside me


Original Music and Lyrics: Jacques Brel / English Lyrics: Rod McKuen



Music: Phil Shoenfelt and Yoyo Röhm / Lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt

You shine like the sun
Before you my life hadn't begun
And you can make me believe
In a soul conditioned to deceive

And you are fresh as the wind
Without you I could never win
Cos the world, oh it murders your heart
You know the game, you've played your part

And tears fall like rain
I kneel to kiss you once again
And my flesh burns with a holy fire
Corrupt and consumed with desire

You are deep as the ocean
While I spin around in perpetual motion
And I've fallen as far as I can
Nobody else could understand

And tears fall like rain
I kneel to kiss you once again
And my flesh burns with a holy fire
Corrupt and consumed with desire

And your eyes look right into me
At my lies and my stupidity
And I know that I've hurt you again
Cold and faithless till the end

And tears fall like rain
I kneel to kiss you once again
And my flesh burns with a holy fire
Corrupt and consumed with desire

Baby don't walk away
Baby don't walk away
Don't walk away
Baby don't walk away


Music and Lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt

Vivi the Flea, scars on her hand
Dances in bars from Berlin to Taiwan
Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes
A diamond and silver pin through her nose

And her dance is the dance of oblivion
Her darkest and truest romance
And her eyes are the eyes of a victim
Of tragical circumstance

Up in her room she closes the door
Drowning her sorrows, her life is a bore
She’s saving one bottle but nobody calls
Her life is a prison and she’s climbing the walls

And her life was the life of a gypsy
New York, Paris and Rome
But now she’s washed up completely
In this hovel that she calls a home

Down by the docks in a smokey old bar
She dances all night and she winks like a star
At Jimmy and Johnny and all of the boys
Lost in a world of chaos and noise
And she waits for the bells of the morning to ring
With fear in her heart for what the daylight will bring
Avoiding the eyes of the strangers who stare

Vivi the Flea, head like a tree
So many bad apples in her memory
Haunted by visions that come in the night
Abandoned and lost in the grey morning light

She remembers the French Riviera
Champagne and moonlight on the beach
And she wonders just how to get back there
But now it’s so far out of reach

Vivi the Flea
Head like a tree
Dances for you
Dances for me…


Music and Lyrics: Bruno Adams

Another train leaves the station
Off to another place I don’t want to be

It’s spinning wheels of destiny
Rolling through my mind

Drives by so close its shinning windows
Strobe light my room

Washed up in another hotel
In another small town
The crowd of strangers
Who all know my name
Have all gone home

I’ve been so far from home so long
That I’m afraid to be alone

Till I wake to see your face
Like a splash of water
Dissolve into the face

Of this sweet refugee
From the night before

Another train leaves the station
With me and my aching head all aboard

The rhythms of steel on steel
Shaking up my soul

Off to another place
You wouldn’t want to grow old

Washed up in another hotel
In another small town
The crowd of strangers
Who all know my name
Have all gone home


Music and Lyrics: Bruno Adams

I’m just looking for the real world
Real world real world
I’d kill for a little taste
Of the real world real world
Where everything and everyone
Is beautiful
Where no one dies and the future’s rays
Shine so much brighter than today’s

Brother do you know the way
Know the way to the real world
Where everyone is shining
Smiling and so so cool
Brother they take your peace
Piece for piece and make your enemies
I’d kill for a little peace
For a little piece of the real world

I’m gonna get me a real life
Cos the one I got don’t seem right
Everyone is pushing me
And there ain't much room left

Seems to me
Give me some perfection
Real and rerun endlessly
I just want me a little taste
Of the way everything was meant to be