Phil Shoenfelt's new studio album "Cassandra Lied" will be released 10th January 2020 by Sireena Records

Phil’s new solo album Cassandra Lied was recorded in Prague between August 2018 and November 2019. He was joined in this endeavour by several notable musicians, including band-mate and co-producer Chris Hughes (drummer with These Immortal Souls, Mick Harvey, Hugo Race, Alexander Hacke) and lapsteel guitarist Kristof Hahn of Swans. Marcia Schofield, Eva Turnová and Baron Anastis sang backing vocals, and Anastis played some ace bass on “The Man Who Sold The World”.

A radical de
parture from Phil‘s previous work, Cassandra Lied has a lyrical depth which is comparable to the work of rock poets such as Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed and Patti Smith. The music itself is closer to the layered, atmospheric approach of artists like Brian Eno, David Bowie and Tony Visconti than it is to traditional rock dynamics. Other influences on this album are post-punk bands such as Joy Division and Krautrock bands Neu and La Düsseldorf.

Cassandra Lied is released on January 10th on the Sireena label, and will be available at online shops such as Amazon and at regular retail outlets via Broken Silence distribution.

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Record Release Party on 28th December 2019 at Ballhaus, Berlin (Mitte):
Phil Shoenfelt with Dim Locator as special guests of Berlin band Herbst In Peking.
Special Guest: Kristof Hahn of Swans.



MOJO (UK), May 2019:

20th April 2019:


@ WATT, Berlin (DE)

Phil Shoenfelt (with Fatal Shore) and Conrad Adams (with Once Upon A Time) celebrate the life and music of Bruno Adams ten years after his passing.
With special guests:
Mick Harvey, Kristof Hahn, Bronwyn Adams and more.
Starts at 18.00



In January 2006, Phil Shoenfelt & Bruno Adams began to prepare the songs that would later be featured on REAL WORLD, the third Fatal Shore CD (Amboss Recordings, 2007). Of the fourteen songs that would appear on Real World, nine are presented on Out Of The Sky in their prototypical form. Whereas the critically acclaimed Real World is notable for its lush orchestral arrangements, the songs contained on OOTS are remarkable for their purity of sound and the intricate interweaving of voices and guitars. Without the embellishment of bass, drums and orchestra, a rich tonality is revealed, a harmonic vibration that emerges naturally, without striving or affectation. These songs are strong enough to stand alone – they enter the consciousness of the listener in an intimate and unmediated manner. What is even more surprising is that they were recorded on a simple VS-880 8-Track in Adams’ flat in Kreuzberg – a fact that is hard to reconcile with the depth of sonic field achieved.
The demos were lost for many years, and only came to light in March 2018. Now released in CD format by the German label Moloko +, they are a vivid testament to the lyrical and musical alchemy that existed between Phil and Bruno. They also preserve the songwriting legacy of Adams, who died from colon cancer in 2009 at the age of forty five.




"At Her Majesty's Pleasure"
(Azalea So Sweet / Chris Hughes / Phil Shoenfelt)
debut album on Moloko +

CD Release Party: 07.04.2018 @ Zizkovsiska, Prague (CZ)


Various Artists "A Taste Of Moloko Plus 1996 - 2016"

The 2-CD compilation includes

"100 Degress In The Shade" and
"Wild Is The Wind" by Fatal Shore,
"Dan The Man From Ampellang" by Dim Locator,
and a new and previously unreleased song by Phil Shoenfelt, called "Resurrection Day", produced by Thor Sten Beckmann (Herbst In Peking).

"A Taste Of Moloko Plus - 20 Years Of A Record Label":

4 Live Shows with

Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka

Herbst in Peking
Machine de Beauvoir

28.09.2016 "Scheune", Dresden
29.09.2016 "Kassablanca", Jena
30.09.2016 "Wabe", Berlin
01.10.2016 "M.A.U. Club", Rostock

New CD by Dim Locator (Shoenfelt / Allen / Hughes)

"Six Miles Deep"

9 live songs recorded at "die naTo", Leipzig, 12/04/2015

Now available at
Moloko +

Nathan Roche tracks down several of Bruno's former bandmates and loved ones to tell his story:

Mess + Noise Icons: Bruno Adams


The German label Moloko + will release a new CD by Fatal Shore, titled "Setting The Sails For El Dorado".
The recordings on this CD date from spring 1997 and were recorded at the Delta Club Studio in Prague. They were intended to be demos for what ended up as the first Fatal Shore CD .

01. Wild Is The Wind
02. If You Go Away
03. Dolphins
04. Bird On A Wire
05. My Death
06. Preachin' Blues
07. Who's Been Talking
08. Friday's Child

05.08.2011 Dim Locator (AUS/UK) is a new band formed from the ashes of legendary Berlin-based band Fatal Shore.
The group comprises Phil Shoenfelt (guitar/vocals), Chris Hughes (drums/percussion) and Dave Allen (bass guitar).

Englishman Phil Shoenfelt has lived in Prague for many years, and is known for his work with Southern Cross (Prague), Fatal Shore (Berlin) and Khmer Rouge (New York) as well as for his autobiographical novel “Junkie Love”.

Chris Hughes (AUS) is based in Berlin and has played with Fatal Shore, Hugo Race & The True Spirit, Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten, Methylated Spirits, The Act, Nina Hagen, Rowland S. Howard and almost everyone else.

Dave Allen (AUS) is also based in Berlin, and has played bass with Hugo Race & The True Spirit, Methylated Spirits and The Act.

The music of Dim Locator is stripped down industrial psych-rock music with influences from The Stooges, Beasts of Bourbon, The Birthday Party, Pink Fairies and Hawkwind.


The first online-only EP by DIM LOCATOR, called "IMMORTALISED", was released through German company Fuego on Friday 29.07.2011.

The three song EP is a tribute to the late, great Rowland S. Howard, and contains the following songs:

1. I Ate The Knife
2. Undone
3. Dead Radio

The EP is available as a download @


For more information visit:   and

12.08.2010 British label Easy Action will release a compilation CD of previously unreleased Nikki Sudden songs,
called "Playing With Fire". Phil Shoenfelt, Bruno Adams and Chris Hughes appear as guest musicians
on several tracks. For more information visit Easy Action's website. The CD is for release in September 2010.

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