2007 Amboss Recordings (D)


1. Black Venus
2. The Looking Glass Song
3. Six Miles Deep
4. Between A Heaven And A Hell
5. So Glad I Did
6. Blind Jesus
7. Numb Inside
8. Rainy Sunday Morning
9. Out Of The Sky
10. If You Go Away
11. Faithless
12. Vivi The Flea
13. The Train Song
14. Real World


Bruno Adams vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Phil Shoenfelt vocals, acoustic & electric guitars & dobra
Chris Hughes drums & percussion
Yoyo Röhm bass & double bass, piano on tracks 1, 3, 10, 14

organ on tracks 1, 3, 7, xylophone on tracks 11, 14

vibraphone on tracks 2, 7, 10, electric guitar on tracks 11, 14

spanish guitar on track 6
Special Guests

Richard Ruin pedal steel guitar on tracks 2, 5, electric guitar on track 8

singing saw on track 2, harmonica on track 14
Rolf Hammermüller piano on track 5, 6, 8, 11 & 12
Mike Strauss organ on track 5, 8, 9, 10, 13
string section:

Anna Sofia Ulfsax 1st violin on tracks 1, 7, 11, solo violin on track 6, 12
Moritz Colitti 2nd violin on track 1, 7, 11
Emilia Renner viola on track 1, 7, 11
Jonathan Weigele cello on track 1, 7, 11
string arrangements composed and conducted by Baxter Wilderbeast


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Tracks 3, 6, 8, 9, 12 written by Phil Shoenfelt
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 13, 14 written by Bruno Adams
Track 1 music: traditional / lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt
Track 10 written by Jacques Brél (translated by Mort Shuman)
Track 11 music: Phil Shoenfelt & Yoyo Röhm / lyrics: Phil Shoenfelt
All songs arranged by Yoyo Röhm

Phil Shoenfelt's songs published by Hanseatic Musikverlag / Warner Chappell Music
Bruno Adams' songs published by Amboss Film + Musik

Recorded at planet-earth-recordings, Berlin and The Bunker, Berlin.
Produced and mixed at Dean Int. Studios by Baxter Wilderbeast.
Mastered at Lost In Space Studio, Berlin by Ingo Krauss




The new CD by Fatal Shore, REAL WORLD, sees the band taking the unique sound of their first two CDs and developing it in a significant new direction. The Melbourne Gothic-Blues soundscapes of The Fatal Shore (1997), and the stripped-down, grungy rhythms of Free Fall (2004), are still present, but have been overlayed with the rich orchestral arrangements of producer Yoyo Röhm (D) to produce an album of rare musical beauty.

The band’s two principal songwriters – Bruno Adams (Aus) and Phil Shoenfelt (GB) – have drawn on a variety of influences this time, that show their interest in many different genres of music. Black Venus, the first track on the album, is an original version of the traditional gypsy song Khamoro, a song which was featured in the 1970’s film Time Of The Gypsies. Between A Heaven And A Hell is a grungy rocker, while the title track, Real World, draws on soul and gospel influences from the American Deep South. Blind Jesus, by way of contrast, takes the listener south of the border into a mythical Mexico of the imagination, while Vivi The Flea explores gypsy rhythms and Grappelli-influenced violin, with its tale of a washed-up, world-weary burlesque dancer.

Throughout the album, these disparate influences are welded into the unmistakeable sound of Fatal Shore. The unique drumming and percussion of Chris Hughes (Aus) produces unexpected rhythmic twists and turns, while multi-instrumentalist Röhm adds textures and colours that take the band into altogether new territory. Coming from a background of post-punk, Melbourne-Berlin Blues, Fatal Shore have produced, in REAL WORLD, a gorgeously diverse set of songs that will take the listener on a wide-angled trip through the hinterlands of popular music

REAL WORLD will be released on March 15th through the Hamburg-based label Amboss Recordings, a new independent label started by Ralf Schulze of Amboss Film+Music.

Fatal Shore will be on tour in Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria throughout March and April 2007.

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